How I Get My Week Started

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Staying on track throughout the week has always been my top priority. A week without any organization is like hell to me. I can not go through the week without writing things down. I would always do it by just writing on random sheets of paper and sticky notes. Which would either end up being lost, or accidentally thrown away.  Now, you’re all probably thinking like “Um hello, why don’t you just put it in your phone?” Because I’m old school, I cant help it!

To start my Sunday, I drink a cup of coffee. Half decaf, half regular. lol Ok let me be serious. Sunday’s always start with laundry, and usually a lot of it. Laundry is typically done throughout the day. It’s a must that laundry is done Sunday, Ii like to pick out my son and I outfits for the week. Helps our mornings run way WAAAYY smoother.

The final thing that I like to do, is write out my to-do list. My fiancé found this awesome board from Home Goods. I write down everything that we have to do for the week. I prioritize it by importance. So whatever is most important goes to Monday, and the rest I just spread throughout the week. Before I leave the house I take a quick pic of what’s to be done that day, and I gets it done! I don’t no why it has taken us this long to find something so great. I am literally like Super Mom with this board.

I know how finding an exact item in Home Goods can be almost impossible so I’ve shared some similar items below.

Bed Bath & Beyond



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