My Skin Care Regimen

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I’m always receiving questions about what do I use for my skin, and a lot of people are always surprised by my answer. For over a year now, I’ve been using the It Works Cleanser and Toner. Nothing else!

I’ve always struggled with taking care of my skin, because nothing ever seemed to work for me. My skin was always dry and patchy. I’ve spent a crazy CRAZZYYY amounts of money trying to figure out this skin mess. I finally got so fed up, that I just used soap, yep plain ole’ dove soap. That damn sure didn’t help me but it was cheap because it’s what I use on my body. So finally, one of my good friends was tired of my complaining and recommended these two products. I was hesitant at first because like, this would be my 50th time trying a new damn product but whatever, I gave it a try. And I am so so glad that I did! My face has never been this clear in my life, maybe when I was like 1-10 years old lol Before, I would have to use a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, because so many of the products had so much alcohol in them, that they’d dry my face out. But, with these products, I only need these two. I haven’t used a moisturizer in over a year. It’s even better that the cleanser and toner last’s you for atleast three months!

So anyway, yeah, that’s my skin care regimen right there. Nice and simple!

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