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My Experience with Fenugreek Seeds and Increasing My Breast Milk Supply

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I wanted to share my experience with fenugreek seeds, and how they helped me increase my milk supply, while breast feeding.

I breastfed Kendall for two years, faithfully. He never had formula, not once; I was not having that.  When I first began nursing Kendall I knew that I wanted to do it full time. I just didn’t know how hard it would be. For such a tiny little baby, that little boy could certainly drink a lot of milk. At times I would cry because I didn’t think that I could keep up with him. I’d nurse him, then pump about 2-3 times a day. It helped a little, but was only enough to last for a day. I couldn’t go anywhere or really enjoy a cocktail because I didn’t have much milk to spare. Every little drop was valuable.

It didn’t really take me to long to start doing research on natural products that would help increase my milk. Fenugreek sounded best to me, so I ordered it, in bulk.  I drank about 3-4 glasses a day of it, and continued to nurse and pump. It helped me tremendously. I was producing enough milk that I could finally store it in the freezer. The only thing that I did mind just a tad bit (but got over it very quickly) was the way the seeds make you smell. You will smell like syrup. FOR SURE! It would come out of your pores, and  urine.

I loved the results so much, that I stopped worrying about the smell. Who the hell cares, this stuff really works! I didn’t have to drink the tea for long. I say it was about 6 months, and my milk supply was here to stay. My son slowed up on nursing when he was just about one. After that I would only nurse him once in the morning, when I picked him up after work, and at night before I put him to bed. I was still producing so much milk that I continued to pump and store, juusstttt incase. Needless to say I was obsessed. By the time my son weened himself off of breast milk and started drinking regular, and almond milk; our freezer was packed to the brim with breast milk so I would give it to him in a sippy cup. I was not about to let my liquid gold go to waste.

It was bitter sweet one we stopped nursing , I was over it and wanted my breast to myself, but when he finally stopped I was a little sad. One big emotional Roller coaster (The story of our lives)

My point of this story is, Fenugreek seeds saved my milk supply, and made my breast feeding experience such a breeze. I can’t wait to start again with the new baby!

IF YOU’RE AN EXPECTING MOTHER DO NOT START DRINKING THE TEA WITHOUT YOUR DOCTORS CONSENT. I read that drinking the tea can cause early labor. So please do your own research to see if the Fenugreek seeds are right for you.


Instructions for making tea:

This makes a large pitcher of tea.

Half a cup of fenugreek seeds.

Add the seeds to a large pot and add water. Fill the pot about 3/4 of the way.

Boil for 7-10 mins.

Strain out seeds and add tea to pitcher. While the tea is hot, add sugar or honey.




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