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Kendall “The Kid” In His Ka’pero Elise

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My little 3 year old has become this little independent man. He likes to dictate what he eats, when he has to sleep, oh and we cant forget when paly time is over. It’s his way or the highway, and if you believe that, then you’ll believe anything. lol But seriously, he has blossomed into this handsome little guy who likes to handle things himself, especially what he wears.

So when it came to picking out clothes for our picnic day, he knew exactly what he wanted to wear. He went straight for his new white Ka’pero Elise top to go with his new white sneakers. Momma did the rest of the work, pairing it with his palm tree denim button down, which I think is so much fun, and his denim jeans to match.

He was so excited once we got the outfit on, he said it made him feel like a big boy; so we rocked out with it! The easy part was over. Next, came the hard part, taking his photo. This boy stands still for no one. So what did I do as a mother, desperately wanting a photo of her big guy? I bribed him, yes, bribed a three year old. If you tell me that you’ve never bribed your kid then you’re a liar, liar, pants on fire!

My plan worked, and I was able to get a few good pics of my luv bug, to share with you all!

What he wore:

Top: Ka’pero Elise

Button Down: Zara

Shorts: Primark

Sneakers: Kicks USA

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