Finally… My Glassware Crush

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So I have been eyeing this glassware set since first moving into my old home. Every single time that I’d attempted to purchase it, it was either on back order, or I would just tell myself that they weren’t “needed”. I swear your entire mind frame changes when you have kids.  Back in the day I’d splurge on anything, now, its like Shoes? Who needs new shoes?! See’s something for the kids and it’s like “Oh he must have this right away, he can’t live without it!” Lol it’s insane but I love it!


So what did I do to finally talk myself into buying my glassware that I’ve admired for so long? I told myself that it was a baby shower gift, for me; not the baby.  Once I justified my excuse, the items were in my cart and it was a GO from there! It was absolutely the longest wait of my life. All because SOMEONE, and that someone just happened to be me, sent the shipment to the wrong address. I honestly think that I was trying to complete the order so fast, that I couldn’t give myself anytime to change my mind lol

After two of the longest weeks of my life, my package finally arrived! I was overjoyed at the way Crate and Barrel  wrapped the glasses. Those glasses didn’t stand a chance of breaking. Like, not even if you threw the box across the room. Yeah, they were wrapped that good. When I finally got them all unwrapped, which took a little longer than I’d like. I held the glass up to the light and just gazed at it; you know like how that scene from the Lion King when Rafiki held Simba up for the entire kingdom to see him? Yeah that’s pretty much what I did with my glasses, each glass.

So my rule for my new glassware set is that noone and I mean NO ONE is to drink out of my set, until I have the baby, and can indulge in a beautiful glass of wine! That’s my rule and I’m sticking to it lol

I’ve shared links below for you all!

Camille Red Wine Glasses

Swoon Carafe


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