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Cod Steamed in Parchment with Martini Relish and Sour Orange Sauce

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My fiance recently gifted me with my first cookbook, yes First! You’d think I’d have a ton of them, with my passion for cooking, but I don’t! I’m more of a pinterest kind of girl lol. Not only is it my first cook book, it’s by my favorite Iron Chef, BOBBY FLAY!

When I was flipping through the book, wait, I haven’t even told you guys the title of the book, duh Kia! The title of this cook book is “Bobby Flay Fit”, It has 200 recipes for a healthy lifestyle! Ok, now back to what I was saying. When I was flipping through the book, everything looked so good! But this recipe really caught my eye, and then when I read its title, I was like YUM!

I will admit, I was a bit intimidated reading the ingredients. I’ve cooked with most of them minus a few. There were a lot of hot peppers in this recipe, wouldn’t be a Bobby Flay recipe if there weren’t, and my fiance isn’t too much of a fan of spice so I subbed out the jalapeno’s for sweet peppers, and a yellow onion, instead of the shallots (I forgot to buy the shallots) 

The relish is nice and salty, and the orange sauce is nice and sweet, such a great combo! I served it over a bed of jasmine rice and called it a night! This dish was simple, yet AMAZING! I will for sure be making it again! 

“Bobby Flay Fit” can be found on Amazon!

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