As most of you may know, Fall and Winter are my two favorite seasons! Yeah, I’m the girl at Starbucks asking for a pumpkin spiced Latte on the first day of September lol. One of the reasons I love Fall and Winter is because you get to layer up! You can wear the most simple out, with an amazing jacket, and BOOM. MAGIC! It just makes me so happy! So you can understand my excitement when I came across I’ve gotten a few Summer pieces from them , and have loved each and every piece, but when I saw the Fall/Winter pieces; I lost my mind! I literally want everything! So I decided to share some of the items on my “to get” list!

I also decided to team up with them  to offer you guys some great deals!

Use discount code “KiaD” to receive 15% OFF of your purchase!

Thank me later!

Nothing brightens up your place like some fresh beauties. I never call my flowers, flowers; instead I call them beauties.  Just keeping you guys up with my lango!

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