So I have been eyeing this glassware set since first moving into my old home. Every single time that I’d attempted to purchase it, it was either on back order, or I would just tell myself that they weren’t “needed”. I swear your entire mind frame changes when you have kids.  Back in the day I’d splurge on anything, now, its like Shoes? Who needs new shoes?! See’s something for the kids and it’s like “Oh he must have this right away, he can’t live without it!” Lol it’s insane but I love it!

Nothing brightens up your place like some fresh beauties. I never call my flowers, flowers; instead I call them beauties.  Just keeping you guys up with my lango!

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As some of you may know, I recently purchased my first property; a triplex! WOOT! So of course we had to do some serious down sizing. I didn’t…

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More off this less hello salamander lied porpoise much over tightly circa horse taped so innocuously outside crud mightily rigorous negative one inside gorilla and drew humbly shot…

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