A day at Lash Bash

IMG 1085 1080x720 A day at Lash BashIMG 1075 720x1080 A day at Lash BashIMG 1083 1080x720 A day at Lash BashIMG 1082 1080x720 A day at Lash BashIMG 1081 902x1080 A day at Lash Bash

  What’s a better than a glam session at Lash Bash, a lash and beauty bar?! This past Saturday I had the opportunity to meet the lash bash team. Not only did I fall in love with the interior decorating, but I also fell in love with the service I received. I could have stayed there all day!

After a few minutes of choosing the lash style I wanted, I decided to go with the vixen lashes. I wanted something noticeable but not too unreal. You can choose from three different styles, the flirty, the vixen, or the vamp. It blew my mind to know that the vamp lash service places 105 lashes per eye, like wwhhaattt!! Go big or go home right?

Not only does lash bash offer eyelash extensions, they also offer beauty, and wax services! It’s like a one stop shop! Among these services, they also offer lash extension classes.

Each course comes with exclusive Lash Bash training manuals that have everything you’ll ever need to know about lashing beginning with the history of lash extensions to the anatomy of the eye, to shaping and styling guides down to the science behind adhesives, product knowledge, pesky allergies and so much more.

Every student will receive a LARGE KIT which includes enough lash essentials to do up to 100 clients after completing the course. Individual’s who successfully complete the course will receive a Lash Bash Certificate of completion and you’ll be equipped with the skills, knowledge and tips to add this lucrative service your salon or be your own boss.

No do you see why I fell I love with this place! Love it so much that I decided to team up with them and become one of their Philly Brand Ambassadors! So now when you want to schedule services at Lash Bash, Lash & Beauty Bar, you can enter “Mystyle25″ to receive 25% off of your services! Trust me, you will love it!

Visit lashbashphilly.com today to book your services!

Exciting Week!

IMG 1109 720x1080 Exciting Week!
IMG 1110 720x1080 Exciting Week! IMG 1112 720x1080 Exciting Week!
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After struggling with a little bug I caught from my son, and being in the house all weekend, we decided to get out of the house and have a little fun with our soon to be birthday boy! I originally dressed for dinner, but we decided to take Kendall to Chuck E Cheese so that he could run wild. I stuck with the same outfit because well, I really wanted to wear my new dress. lol Luckily, my boots are very comfy so they allowed me to keep up with Kendall while we were there. That place was a mad house!

I had had Theo, and Kendall take my photos, yep Kendall helped out too! But, what’s most important is that we are now four days away from celebrating Kendall’s 2nd birthday! YAAYYY! So this week will consist of nothing but me running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. Oh what fun it will be.

What I wore:

Dress: Zara

Coat: Asos

Boots: Missguided